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Our Story

"I don't want to wait for my coffee. I don't want some man-bun, Mumford & Son motherf***** to get it for me. I like good coffee but I don't want to wait for it and I don't want it with the cast of friends"- Anthony Bourdain

Getting a Vietnamese Coffee can be expensive, confusing, unhealthy, time consuming, and pretentious. Through years of R&D, we believe we created a bundle that solves this. With one teaspoon, water and our bundle, you can make it in the comfort of your home. No man-buns needed.

Our Mission 

Lucky Monkey Coffee was born to make intricate Asian beverages accessible and healthy. Lucky Monkey Coffee embodies innovation, accessibility, and celebration, breaking barriers to bring captivating flavors to everyone. Because that is the mission of Lucky Monkey Coffee: To Condense Cultures & Distill Deliciousness. One Teaspoon at a Time. 

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Our CEO 

Meet Dave Dao, founder & CEO of Lucky Monkey Coffee. A child of Vietnamese refugees, he holds dear the memory of savoring Vietnamese Coffee with his grandfather, complemented by toast dipped in condensed milk—food being a cherished Asian love language.

Before Lucky Monkey Coffee, Dave, a classically trained pharmacist, worked in healthtech startups and consulting. Yet, at the height of his career, he rediscovered a burning desire to preserve the essence of his heritage—its flavors, stories, and ideas without the calories, snobiness and false claims. Out of these passions, Lucky Monkey Coffee emerged. You can read more about it here.

Pull up a chair and grab a cup - get your daily dose of liquid luck. 

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